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Which Types Of Locks Are Commonly Chosen For New Homes?

It's all about security. Your home is the place where you and your family will be spending most of your time together. There are various door lock types that you can use in order to secure your home. It's really crucial that you select the perfect door lock type for your new residential home. Some locks are known to work in a particular situation whereas some of the other locks are known to function better in certain other conditions. A basic understanding of such kind of different lock types is really crucial, which will help you select the perfect lock type for your new home.

We have covered various types of door locks which will help you have a better understanding of all of them and will help you select the perfect one for your new home.

Door Knob Locks

You can easily find the doorknob locks, and they are often known to be used majorly for interior use. You might come across a doorknob lock installed in the exterior of the door.

Door knobs are not known to be ideal for external use exclusively. They offer only a handful amount of security. The doorknobs are known to buckle easily in case of exertion of some kind of force. You can simply break it by banging a hammer on a doorknob. Once it's broken, the person will have simple access to the lock cylinder which is known to be housed within the knob. It's agreeable that the doorknob locks can easily be used on the external doors. But it's only possible if they are paired along with the deadbolts that will play a major role in reinforcing the security.


These are known to be one of the most popular door lock types. And they are known to be widely used in various residential properties. They are quite common and are also known to be a common fixture in the commercial spaces. Most of the homeowners might be familiar with a single cylinder deadbolt as it is considered to be a subset of the door lock types. However, there exist various deadbolt types that can be used in some kind of capacity in a residential space. Deadbolts are widely used to secure exterior doors. There isn't a law against the use of deadbolts inside the home. However, there are various door lock types, specifically for securing the interior of the door. These types of locks are the most common lock types that you will be coming across. The two main types of deadbolts are:

  • Single Cylinder Deadbolt

  • Double Cylinder Deadbolt

Cylindrical Lever Locks

These kinds of locks are mostly used in residential as well as commercial settings. However, people prefer to use them more in commercial spaces. Cylindrical lever locks are easier to use than the deadbolt locks. The overall structure of the lock offers more efficient and easier egress and ingress.

Other Lock Types that are really good as well are:

  • Mortise Locks

  • Euro Cylinder Locks

  • Electronic & Smart Locks


There are various door lock types that you can make use of for your new home. And if you are confused about which one you should go with, you can simply contact us, and we will provide you with the perfect solution for your choosing the best door lock problem. All you need to do is to head over to our website, and once you contact us, we will be at your doorsteps instantly!

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