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Residential Locksmith Services

We are dedicated in providing you the most complete and professional services for any of your residential locksmith needs. We empathize with the frustration of being locked out of your house or the predicament of having to replace your house locks. We value your time and money so we will inspect the problem and provide you with all the information you need to make the best decision for your house and safety of your loved ones. 

There are many appropriate measures that one of our trained professional lock change locksmiths can suggest to you in order to provide added security for your home or office. You can speak to your local locksmith to hear options to better secure all the areas of your home. If you are looking for a local locksmith near me to help you with all of your locksmith needs we are the best and we are available 24 hours a day to offer emergency service. 

House Lockout

Our responsibility is getting you back home as soon as possible. We have 24 hour response .

Some circumstances find us abruptly and require an immediate response such as locked out of house. In such a case, you just need to call the residential locksmith who offers 24-hour locksmith services. Staying out there in the dark might be traumatizing, but the residential locksmith is very swift in response to get you in the house by breaking into the house using master keys.

Locks Change/Repair

Your security is key. Let us advice you on the best strategy to keep you and your loved ones safe.

When you buy a new house, it is always advised that you should change the locks in the
house. This is to make sure no stranger can access your home without your consent. We
have heard of cases of people who bought a house then after some time,thieves come and
steal from them. The residential locksmith will come and change all locks to your new home
and give you the new keys and passwords.

Garage Locks

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Rekey/ Master key

Tired of your heavy key chain? We can convert all the locks in your property to work on a single key, and give you more room in your pocket for more useful things.

When your safe jams and you can not access it, the residential locksmith can also offer safe lockout services. The residential locksmith invests in the technology to deal with various
safes installed in our home. You will not have to worry about not reaccessing your safe.The
residential locksmith will open the safe for you without even tampering with the whole safe system.

Non-Destructive Entry

Non destructive entry means being able to open a door quickly without causing any damage and its an essential locksmith skill.

Duplicate Keys

Need extra keys? No problem we can duplicate any key for any lock in your residence

Electronic Locks/Key Pads

No key, No problem. We work with locks with the most up to date electronic systems.

With the growth of technology and the need for maximum security in the house, the residential locksmith in st louis holds the solution for you. They will advise you on the best high-security
locks to install, guide you on the best place to purchase them and fix the security systems for you for a very friendly price.

Keychain Locksmith in st louis is pleased to provide the following additional residential services:

Total Home Security

Total home security evaluations can be provided for any type of property. We would be happy to guarantee the safety of your house and loved ones.

The residential locksmith also offers additional services such as giving you advice in the best handle sets to install in your home. There are handle sets that are very beautiful in the market, but without the right knowledge, you might end up buying fake handle sets that may make your home vulnerable to theft. With the residential locksmith, you will have reliable and beautiful looking handle sets.

Pick-Proof Cylinder Deadbolts

Need a top notch lock, we work with a wide range of high security deadbolts for your home or apartment.

Screen & Garage Door Locks

As an important part of your home, Screen and garage door locks should be checked and maintained regularly, and checked for possible issues.

Custom Surveillance Systems

We can provide you with surveillance for your home at your request. Let us know what you are looking for.

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