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Unexpected Gems in St. Louis, MO

Pop up Excitement in St. Louis, MO

There are a lot of strange facts about the city of Missouri. It was the birthplace of the pork steak. The city was also where the idea for peanut butter was created. St. Louis is full of museums, restaurants, and other fun places to visit and explore. Take the time to learn more about this valuable city. More can be found here.

St. Louis Trolley Tours

There are trolley tours that offer guided and narrated tours of the city. Visitors will see famous places of interest right from the trolley. The guides are entertaining and humorous. For seventy five to ninety minutes, you will be taken on a trolley tour through the city of St. Louis. Don’t miss your chance. These tours are either free or extremely cheap. See here for information about Highly Reviewed Venues in St. Louis, MO.

The Magic House

Kids of all ages will love the Magic House. This venue has electrifying exhibits that are interactive and educational. All visitors will be enchanted by the daily puppet shows. There is a Children’s Village section that is devoted to allowing smaller children to do jobs like changing a wooden tire. They can partake in adult tasks to help build their independence and confidence.

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