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Highly Reviewed Venues in St. Louis, MO

Highly Reviewed Venues in St. Louis, MO

Best Places to Visit in St. Louis, MO

The city of St. Louis offers everything you could want in a metropolis. It has great schools and universities. The local people are friendly. The crime rate is low. The restaurants are affordable and tasty. It is easy to see why people want to live and visit the city of St. Louis. Check out the best places the city has to offer. Further facts about St. Louis, MO can be found here.

Pi Pizzeria

This downtown Italian restaurant offers medium prices on superior dishes. The authentic flavor will surprise your taste buds. The thick marinara sauce is sweet, but still has a tangy crisp appeal. Vegan options are available, but the Italian sausage toppings are highly recommended by previous diners. Discover facts about Alcoholic Drinks and More in St. Louis, MO.

St. Louis Art Museum

This museum was founded in 1879. It houses a wide collection of African American, Ancient Egyptian, and European pieces of art. Visitors will find art culture spanning across thousands of years at this extraordinary museum.

Grant’s Farm

Grant’s Farm was the original boyhood home of the famous President Grant. The original cabin was renovated for maintenance. However, the farm is as exactly as it was during the time Grant spent on it.

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