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Things to do in St. Louis, MO

Having a Blast in St. Louis, MO

St. Louis is where the food known as pork steaks were originally invented. The city has a rich and interesting history that is full of strange facts. Peanut butter was originally invented in the city of St. Louis. Plus, there are fun things to do in the area. Learn more here.

Missouri Botanical Gardens

The Missouri Botanical Gardens has also been called Shaw’s Garden. This unofficial name is in honor of the founder of the gardens. As one of the largest herbarium, this venue offers over six million different specimens. Rentals for public events and special exhibits are offered to the public. Throughout the calendar year, there are plenty of botanical events that pass through the city. The breathtaking views found at the Missouri Botanical Gardens will blow you away. Learn more about Free Major Attractions in St. Louis, MO.


Rooster is a restaurant in downtown St. Louis that offers a kid friendly menu. The delicious food will delight your taste buds. The atmosphere is inviting and casual, which adds to its appeal. Takeout and delivery are available at Rooster. Vegan and pure vegetarian options are offered on the menu. In terms of prices, Rooster is reasonable and fair, especially when it take into consideration the number of options.

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