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Saving Money While Having a Good Time in St. Louis, MO

What to Do in St. Louis, MO

There are lots of free things to do in St. Louis. It is one of the few cities that offers lots of inclusive activities for budget friendly families. Managing a budget is important when planning outings and events. Check out the following places to find free or cheap entertainment. St. Louis, MO can be seen here.

Missouri Civil War Museum

The Missouri Civil War Museum is enriching and epically exciting. The photographs of soldiers from long ago will take you back in time by hundreds of years. You will learn about brother fighting against brother for causes each passionately supported. Thousands of battles were fought in the areas that border Missouri. Many historic recollections are housed at this venue. Information about how the state of Missouri played a role in the Civil War is also present. Information about Best Gay Clubs in St. Louis, MO can be found here.

City Museum

This is a kid friendly venue that includes a skate park. The Enchanted Caves sector is one of the most highly rated. This location is famous for housing the largest pencil in the world. The Skateless Park will keep your kids busy for hours. Even adults will join in on the fun.

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