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Best Gay Clubs in St. Louis, MO

Popular Gay Bars in St. Louis, MO

There are multiple gay friendly bars and clubs in St. Louis. You might be surprised to find out how welcoming the community is to diverse people. Folks from all walks of life can all be found dancing the night away at one of the local dance clubs. You will surely have a blast at a local drag show. Explore the different all inclusive bars in the city. More facts can be seen here.


There is a cover charge at Attitudes, but there is live entertainment to enjoy. People eighteen and older can enter to see the show, but only adults over the age of twenty one can drink. There are multiple events, fundraisers, and programs held at Attitudes each year. There are at least four shows per month. Read about Hanging Out in St. Louis, MO here.

Bar PM

Those looking to enjoy live entertainment or sing karaoke will find Bar PM the place to be. Outdoor seating is preferred in nice weather, and there isn’t a cover charge. The live entertainment can vary from drag to variety to comedy shows.

Grey Fox Pub

This is one of the most affordable gay bars in the city of St. Louis. It has a routine crowd, but the drinks are large.

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