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Boost Your Apartment’s Security: 5 Best Door Locks

An easy target for intruders is apartment doors. Apartment door security is something one must be highly sensitive and careful about. Just by taking a few informative steps, one can dramatically reduce the risk of a possible break-out. The primary requirement for feeling secure at your house is a strong and protective front door. Once installed you can be rest assured that criminals would not be entering your apartment.

To assist you to decide the most viable option from the range of safety lock available, here is quick overview of the five most reliable locks one can find in the market:

1. Swing Lock

Swing locks are effective safety locking devices which come in the form of swing-in doors that allow people inside the room to leave the door a few inches open. This feature caters for identification and ventilations along with privacy and security for the people living inside it. Swing locks are highly secure and pocket friendly.

2. Portable Lock

Portable locks let you add a lock on any door sequenced along with your primary lock. Portable locks, such as Addalock take hardly any time in terms of installation and removal. They work brilliantly with doors that open inward and do not require drilling. The chrome plate carbon steel which is the main competent used to build such locks, allows them to be flexible enough for doors of any thickness.

3. Grade 1 Deadbolt

The Grade 1 rated deadbolt according to the American National Standards Institute should be your choice of deadbolt while installing an extra lock to your door. The price of Grade 1 locks is relatively higher than Grade 2 and Grade 3 locks. However, the solid build up construction and material used are of superior quality which ensures durability and utmost safety from criminals.

4. Kwikset Kevo

Replacing your apartment’s conventional existing bolt, this new Kwikset kevo Bluetooth lock enabled with touch screen facility is fast and technologically sound. By a simple tap on the screen it will unlock provided your smartphone or Kwikset key fob is close by. The lock comes with the classic traditional key and two spare electronic keys which can be used to give guests and friends.

5. Lockitron Bolt

Lockitron is most affordable smart lock available. It comes with an inbuilt technology that automatically unlocks when you approach the door. The Lockitron’s key match technology lets you unlock the door using your original keys as well. A very user-friendly app also comes with it which provides for easy access to friends and family without worrying about any unlocked doors or finding a hiding place for your door keys. The app is featured to notify the owner if and when the door is unlocked which makes it the most viable option for you to ensure maximum security.

The place where your family and children spend most of their time should be well protected and not prone to any risk. We here at Keychain Locksmith will make this dream come true. Our quality locks systems will ensure full satisfaction and our full-time customer care shall ensure a good post buy experience. Connect with us today to get more information!

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