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4 Easy Ways To Maintain Door Locks

Locks are considered to be the most important part when it comes to the security of your home. You feel safe and secure when the locks are properly installed in your home. It ensures security as well as privacy in your home. However, if you think that the locks installed in your home will be lasting forever and don't require any kind of maintenance, then you are thinking it wrong. According to locksmiths, the average lifespan of a door lock is approximately seven years. However, if you want to maintain your door lock, then we have listed out top four ways in which you can successfully do it. You should first start with the door. If the installation of your door is not quite proper, then it can lead to a significant amount of pressure on the lock itself. This can lead to a total lock failure or some kind of emergency such as lockout.

1. Check For The Smoothness Of The Deadbolt & Deadlatch

When you close the door, you should make sure that the door lock's deadlatch doesn't fall on the strike plates. You should significantly consider it seriously for the modern locks as the latches on them are strictly required to be aligned along with the strike plates. Plus, not only that but the deadbolt should also operate correctly when the door is closed.

2. Check For Screws & Strike Plates

The next thing you should check out is the screws. You should keep a check is if the screw that is supporting the top hinges is holding the entire door to the frame which is around the wall. Each of the hinges should be fixed with screws that are 3 inches longer. Also, you should check on the strike plates as well.

3. Are You Keeping The Door Locks Clean?

Along with keeping the internal mechanism clean, you should focus on the external mechanism as well. You should keep the door lock clean from the outside by using either detergent or damp rag. You should avoid using any chemical cleaner as they are known to put a harm to the usage of the lock as well as the finish.

4. Annual Lubrication

One of the most crucial maintenance factors is the lubricating locks. Most of the locksmiths avoid using petroleum-based products. Graphite Lubricants are known to work well. However, Teflon or some other dry products will be the perfect one to apply.

You can simply spray some amount of lubricant inside the keyway. They will help run the key inside and outside of the lock repeatedly and will wipe out any kind of debris from the key each and every time. You should make sure that you lubricate the locks at least once in an entire year.


Door lock maintenance is really crucial. And if you want to maintain your door lock and keep it in good condition for a long lifespan, then you can simply avail our professional locksmith services right now. All you need to do is to head over to our website and instantly contact us, and we will be at your doorsteps in no time!

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