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Where is the Best Place to Hide a Small Safe?

When it comes to your personal security, we almost leave no scope for even the slightest mistake. Now while a safe will be a great option to secure your valued items and cash, there’s always uncertainty surrounding it. What if the burglar takes the whole safe? What if the code isn’t secure enough? Well, we are here with tips, which will let you lead a carefree life.

Now to talk about safes, you can never be certain of their success rate. Hence another great idea will be to hide the whole safe altogether. There are some peculiar spots in everybody’s homes that can be used to place your safes. So here are the top 5 most unexpectedly best places to hide your safes.

This will work well for both your offices and homes. Usually, our drawers are long in length. For this trick, you can divide the first drawer, which appears to be on the outside into a smaller length and right behind the same, put another drawer in the left space. This way you can keep them safe in the hidden drawer place a lock on the drawer so that it just looks like the back of some drawer.

The utility rooms in the houses usually grab the least amount of attention. This is because nobody would keep their most expensive possessions in bathrooms of kitchens, right? Here’s how you can make use of this trick. You can put your safes under the sinks in your bathrooms and kitchens. Apart from that use the space behind the cabinets, where you keep your utensils or your medicines

If you are someone with a significant number of books you can place your safe behind the books on a bookshelf. Books will never be the things that some thieves will notice.

You can place your safe under your dishwasher or washing machine, by making a small hole with a little depth on the floor. Since these machines are heavy, you can be assured that the burglars will never push them around. You have furniture like beds or couches which are hallowed from beneath you can put up a safe under them, and conceal it from above.

This place is usually for the clutter that has not been cleared since forever. Use this space to keep your valuables behind the clutter. While it gives you quick access, it's not at all expected.

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