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What kind of Padlock is the most secure?

If you have to worry about whether or not your padlock is secure or not, the whole purpose of locking something to keep it secure is defeated. In such cases, it is essential that you determine first what kind of padlock is the most secure. If you choose a padlock which ultimately defeats the purpose it was bought for, you would get extremely annoyed. This is why it is essential that you choose the best option there is out there to keep yourself secure and free from any anxiety when it comes to locking your house. From a wide range of factors like knowing the right brand to the right materials and sizes, these are the kinds of padlocks that are reputed to be the most secure.

1. Your step one should be in respect of the materials and size of the lock you require. You must ensure that the size is big and the key is secure with many pins in order to increase the security. If the quality of the metal is good, it will yield you better results in terms of security. Apart from that, you must also make sure that you use a thick metal or an alloy. It is essential to remember that the weight of the metal is not the best option to determine its strength.

2. The next step should be for you to peruse the shoulder shroud of the lock. If you notice that the same is thicker and larger, you should rest assured that it is better. The shoulder shroud is also sometimes known as the shackle cover. If metal shrouds the shackle it will be an added benefit since this will give it an extra layer of metal that in case of a robbery will have to be removed to gain access to the lock for breaking in.

3. Thirdly, you can also invest in a shackle cover that will add to the safety. If you choose to invest in a hardened plate called the anti-drill plate, you will find that it will ensure more security as the same will disallow even drills to break through them.

4. Next, you must make sure that you secure the most common bypass for padlocks, which is the absence of ball bearings. In such a case, it is easy for anyone to bypass the lock simply by shimming the shackle. The shackle in such a case will release in multiple ways that this will be detrimental to the security.

5. Finally, you must check the core of the padlock which is where one is supposed to put in the key. The portion where the key is put forms a major part of whether or not a padlock is going to be easily bypassed or not. Here the greater number of pins will give you an advantage as the same will play a huge role in your security.

If you are looking for a safe option to invest in when it comes to padlocks you must contact Keychain Locksmith. With an expert team of professionals, we will help you with all your concerns.

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