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Using an Extractor Tool

Knowing the Risks

An extractor tool is a locksmith tool that is used to hook keys that have been broken inside of a lock or car ignition. You don’t have to be a professional locksmith to use this type of tool, as they can be purchased just about anywhere. Nonetheless, you take a chance of ruining your lock or car ignition when using an extractor tool. Breaking a key off in a lock or ignition doesn’t automatically mean that it cannot be rectified. The lock can still be used after the broken key has been removed. Not all locksmiths use extractor tools. Some locksmiths use other methods to remove broken locks. An extractor tool is the most cost friendly option. St Louis, MO can be seen here.

How an Extractor Tool is Helpful

An extractor tool is helpful when fishing a broken key out of a lock because it guides the cylinders. The cylinders must be lined up for the lock to open and release the key. The broken key is removed once the cylinders are aligned. Information about How Broken Key Extraction Works can be found here.

Affordable Fix

An extractor tool can be an affordable way to remove a broken key. The services of a professional locksmith are cheaper than breaking the lock or ruining your car ignition.

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