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Tools Beyond the Skeleton Key

Learning About Locksmith Tools

Skeleton keys are keys that fit all types of a certain lock. They have been used by the locksmith industry in the past. As modern technology took over, the use of the keys is becoming scarce. Trip wires are tools used by modern day locksmiths. These tools are made from premium steel that is durable to maintain its original shape. Trip wires manipulate the tumblers inside of locking systems. The tumblers are the pins that have to be lined up for a locking system to unlock. Trip wires are one of the most common locksmith tools. St Louis, MO can be seen here.

Hex Keys

Hex keys are found at any basic hardware or supply store. While they are common, these tools play an important role in the job of a locksmith. Hex keys also are known as Allen keys. These devices are used when trip wires won’t unlock a locking system. Anyone with the right knowledge could use a hex key to open any basic lock. Click here to read about What are Lockout Services.

Plastic Shims

Shims made of plastic are another tool of the locksmith trade. They are used to help bypass door latches. They can be known as bypass shims. By sliding between the frame and lock, these devices are very helpful.

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