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The Historic City of St. Louis, MO

Learning More Regarding St. Louis, MO

St. Louis is known best for being the city where Lewis and Clark set out on their infamous expedition across the nation centuries ago. The city has a thriving economy, highly rated schools, and a flourishing population. Many places of interests, monuments, and museums can be found in the city. Information can be found here.

Jefferson National Expansion Memorial

The Jefferson National Expansion Memorial marks the location where the Lewis and Clark expedition began. The Gateway Arch is included in this memorial, in addition to the Museum of Westward Expansion. There is so much information to soak up at each of these venues. The St. Louis Old Courthouse also is included in the memorial. Each location teaches visitors and locals about the robust history of the city. Guided riverboat tours can be booked at this location. See here for information about Best Places to Go in St. Louis, MO.

Sugarfire Smoke House

The Sugarfire Smoke House is known for fresh and moist brisket at a rock bottom rate. The barbecue sauce at this restaurant is sweet, tangy, and irresistible. The potato salad is made fresh daily to provide a premium combination of secret ingredients. The brisket sandwich is the most popular menu item, but it is closely followed by the ribs.

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