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St. Charles, MO-Missouri Real Estate Market

St Charles, Missouri is a small town in, and the third largest city of, Missouri, located on the banks of the Missouri River. The population is approximately 65,715 in the 2020 census, making St Charles the third-largest town in Missouri. Located on the western bank of the river, St Charles is an industrial center, a suburb of St Louis, and a rural town on the riverfront. It is also the home of the Central Kansas University campus. Situated just north of the intersection of the Illinois State Highway 62 and Interstate 40, St Charles is just a few miles from downtown Kansas City. If you are looking for a small town that is close to the heart of metropolitan Kansas City, then St Charles is the place to be. More can be found here.

Because of the large number of small businesses in St Charles, it has been dubbed as the "St. Louis of the Midwest". If you enjoy the small-town lifestyle, then St Charles may be just the place to call home. The St Charles real estate market is very active; there are many commercial properties for sale, and many homes for sale that are currently for sale, as well. St Charles, MO also has a number of unique neighborhoods, ranging from neighborhoods like Riverfront, Downtown, Southtown, and Overland to neighborhoods such as Heritage Village, Downtown Village, Riverview Village, and Southwest Village. Learn more about Sunset Hills, MO Homes.

St Charles is one of the most beautiful places in the state of Missouri. There are many beautiful parks, historic buildings, and beautiful scenery for the eyes to behold. There are also a number of fine restaurants and local bars to visit and drink in. Whether you are interested in historic architecture or simply are interested in the natural beauty that is available to the public, St Charles, MO is a great place to live. With the right real estate, you can be sure that you will have a great time in this beautiful area of Missouri.

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