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Re-keying vs Changing Locks: Which is the Best Option?

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

When essential life events happen regarding your house, you want to be sure you are safe. Part of maintaining the safety of your house includes updating the locking mechanisms. Sometimes, changing the key is adequate to greatly improve your home’s security. At other times, re-keying the lock mechanisms is a better option. If you’re not sure which is the best choice for your house, we have detailed some vital points that can help you choose better.

Re-keying your locks would mean that you are altering the mechanism of the lock in a way that the old key will not be able to open it anymore and a new key will be important to unlock it. There are certain situations where re-keying your locks would be an enhanced, smarter, and more cost-effective choice, for instance, you can re-key your locks in a way that the same key unlocks it, if all your locks are of the same brand, or if they all have the same type of keyhole.

Re-keying is also an ideal option if you have misplaced a copy of your old key and you are nervous that it might fall into the wrong hands and the safety of your house might be breached. Re-keying your locks is a cost-effective way of making sure that you and your family are the only people with keys to your new house as one can never be to sure if more copies of those keys have been obtained by someone else.

There are specific circumstances where changing the lock is essential over re keying. To change, the old lock is unscrewed and removed from the door. When changing, buy a deadbolt or doorknob of the same brand, or advance your home’s security with a higher quality lock. If we talk about the advantages, installing new locks offers better control over how the lock operates and looks.

Changing locks, however, is an expensive option and should only be undertaken when absolutely necessary, such as when the lock is old and worn down or even if it is outdated. In such cases, it would make sense to switch over to more current, up to date, and secure electronic locks to ensure protection and safety.

In most cases, the budget becomes the core element of whether one ends up going through with the re-keying procedure if he/she decides to have the locks replaced. If the safety has not been ever compromised or if the locks have never been damaged, the low costs of re-keying might be more appealing than the cost of replacing the entire lock set.

Some instances to change or re-key a lock in a commercial space includes:

1. After a break-in

2. After employees are fired

3. Moving into a new office space

4. Bad condition of locks

5. Preparing for inspection

6. After remodeling

Are you unable to decide whether to change your locks or re-key them? Do you not feel safe in your home? Never fear, Keychain Locksmith is here for you! We are your friendly neighborhood locksmiths. We can unlock the solutions to all your problems. For any queries, visit our website and hire one of our experts today to help you out with all things lock and key!

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