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Living in Town and Country, MO

Town and Country, Missouri is a small town in the St. Louis County, Missouri area, with a population of approximately 10,815 as reported by the 2020 census. The City of St. Louis is located on the southern side of Town and Country, and is about two hours away from St. Louis' Downtown Area. The Town and Country community comprises about 2.7 thousand residents, and it has a unique and distinctive blend of quaint small towns, quaint rural areas, quaint residential areas, and quaint commercial areas. Many residents of the Town and Country live in their own homes, and most of them are self-employed. Visit this link for more information.

Town and Country, Mo, were created in 1954, when the Town and Country were merging with Countryside to create Town and Country, Mo. The Town and Country area of St. Louis has a large number of businesses, hotels, and other businesses that offer an array of services and products to its residents. The community has many businesses such as the Town and Country Shopping Center, a Countryside Market, a Countryside Furniture Store, a Countryside Restaurant, and numerous restaurants that offer a wide variety of food and drink, such as The Olde Town Cafe, and Cravings in Town. Residents of the Town and Country also have access to many recreational facilities such as the Town and Country Resort and Country Club. Residents of the Town and Country may also visit the downtown area for entertainment. The St. Louis Zoo is also located in Town and Country, MO, and the St. Louis Arch, the Missouri Botanical Garden, the St. Patrick's Cathedral, and St. John's Church are other tourist attractions. Read about A Look At Real Estate In Twin Hills, Missouri here.

The town and country area of St. Louis are not only a place to live; it is also a place to work and to shop. People who live in the town and country area in St. Louis also have access to shopping malls such as the Riverview Plaza Mall, the Westfield St. Louis Galleria, and several downtown retailers. In addition, many residents of the Town and Country have access to many different types of professional sports teams. Some residents of the Town and Country have access to the St. Louis Rams and the St. Louis Cardinals. Other major sporting teams that are based in Town and Country include the St. Louis Rams. The town and country residents have access to high schools such as Washington University, Webster, Truman, and Webster.

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