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Keyless Entry Guide for Cars

Remedies are introduced when rights are infringed. Similarly, car locks came into picture when people started stealing cars. There is absolutely no doubt that lock cars were a boon at that time.

The standard system in many cars is the simple lock and key which is the essential for any car security. However, this traditional system does not cater to the modern problems such as people struggling with their keys while carrying big bags of groceries or while carrying children. But thanks to the induction of keyless system in the 1980’s which enables you to unlock car doors using remote control technology.

Unlike the range required for an ordinary television which uses infrared beam for remote control, cars mandate higher range for their keyless lock systems. Therefore, American and European manufacturers of the R.K.E. systems (Remote keyless entry technology) including companies like Motorola, TRW and Amtel prefer highly flexible and higher range radio frequency controllers to facilitate the keyless car lock system. Also due to the added risk of theft, car remotes require higher security. From its very onset, keyless systems have adopted codes to keep thieves away from their cars.

Earliest Remote Entry System

The key that operated like a remote control sent a unique identification code programmed into the car’s receiver. The single unique code system was not largely produced and was restricted to receivers equipped for the unique feature. The reason this system failed due to the false sense of security it gave. Using a special radio transceiver called a code grabber, simple in a nearby car, could not only intercept and store a signal but also retransmit the signal and open the locks without the knowledge of the owner.

Rolling Codes System

After the fall of the single code system, entry systems adopted a sturdier code system in the mid- 1990’s. These systems use rolling codes that are programmed to change with every press of the buttons on the transmitter (key). The same rolling codes are installed into the receiver also well and thereby avoiding those grabbers who try to track them down by simply playing it back.

Encrypted Rolling Codes

Textbook says that a code grabber with a computer can easily figure out the basic rolling codes signals and attempt to anticipate the next code in the sequence. This is tackled by newer technologies that encrypt the rolling codes. The key now is within the receiver itself, which is why now the car thief will have to gain access to the vehicle or transmitter to crack the encrypted code.

Keyless Systems are the Future

Remote keyless systems are not a luxury anymore but a mandate for car safety and security. The new technology has consolidated other car features also into the receivers with build in processors that cuts the overhead costs for remote keyless systems. As these system are becoming more and more prevalent, new anti theft and convenience features are being added along with ignition systems.

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