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Key Broke Inside the Lock? Here’s What to Do!

Broken keys are something a homeowner encounters on a routine basis. A broken key in the lock makes you feel helpless especially if you’re in a hurry to move out. Such a situation mostly occurs when someone turns the key too fast or also due to irregular maintenance of the locks. In such a situation, it's best not to fix it on your own and instead call for a professional locksmith to handle the problem.

1. Best not to use the same key again

If your key has broken off inside the lock then there really is no point in trying to use the remaining key. Ultimately, you’ll just be moving the broken piece around and probably making the situation worse. If you push the broken key part into the lock, it will become more difficult to remove it. Therefore, it would be best to resist the urge and take a moment to consider other simple options.

2. Tweezers can play a role

The effectiveness of this method is contingent on how far the key is stuck inside as well as the thickness of the tweezers. Some may fit inside the lock but, if you cannot open them to hold the key, then they can’t do much. Smaller tweezers can turn out to be successful at removing broken keys that are within relatively close reach. This method though needs adequate patience and time.

3. Super Glue

This is a tricky and risky method that fails more often than it succeeds which is why most individuals prefer to call a professional locksmith instead. This mean should only be used if the key is not stuck far inside the lock.

4. Key Extractor

If you have this tool at your house, then it’s the best bet. However, broken key extractors are usually tools with professional locksmiths. This tool is simple to use, where you require to grab the key with the extractor hooks before removing it slowly. If you desire to purchase it from the market, then it is vital to know that there are diverse variations available in the market and one must consider the practicability of the tool before purchasing it.

5. Call your Local professional locksmith

When the key breaks and creates a barrier for the proper functioning of the door, it basically increases the chances of theft. As the broken key can also cause damage to the lock, it’s best to hire a professional locksmith. Only a professional locksmith can make you reside in a safe and secure house instead of making you vulnerable to thieves.

When a professional locksmith comes to benefit you with the broken and stuck key inside the lock, you must be smart enough to understand the future prevention tips. By fetching effective guidance, you can efficiently maintain your locks by applying some lubrication to the keyhole. For more information, connect with Keychain Locksmith. If you desire to handle the lock-out situation efficiently from start to end, you can hire our professional locksmiths at Keychain Locksmith.

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Unknown member
Mar 04, 2020

We found them to be very amiable and efficient. Thank you for the quality work done.

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