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Information About Marlborough, Missouri

Marlborough, Missouri is a town located in St. Louis county, Missouri, US. The estimated population was around 2,000 at the 2020 census. The town has been listed as one of the 10 most endangered places in the U.S. by the National Park Service. A new community called Marlborough Landing is being built on the former land owned by the City of St. Louis. Marlborough Landing is a planned community of homes and other commercial structures that are being built in the former City of Marlborough. Marlborough Landing will feature luxury homes, upscale hotels, as well as retail stores. The Marlborough Landing Development Project is scheduled to begin in April of this year. Information concerning St Louis, MO can be discovered here.

Marlborough, Missouri is located in the southern portion of St. Louis county. The town is just east of Webster Groves, a suburb of St. Louis. The city's main street is Main Street. The name of the town is Marlborough. The area has many historical buildings and homes that were built during the colonial and post-Revolutionary periods. Information about Maryland Heights, MO-The Neighborhood of Choice can be found here.

Marlborough, Missouri has been known for its farming industry. The town has a large agricultural area that includes wheat, corn, oats, soybeans, and wheat. The city has been known to produce many different kinds of crops. Marlborough was a popular place to farm because it has a climate similar to that of Kansas. Marlborough Missouri is also home to several schools, some of which are the Central School District, the St. Louis Catholic Schools, and the St. Joseph Catholic Schools.

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