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How to Replace a Lost File Cabinet Key

Most file cabinets and office tables come with secure locks, and maintaining a safe drawer in your desk or cabinet is an effective means to keep all sensitive items secure and safe. But at the end of the day, if you can’t place your cabinet key, it might hamper your office or personal operations. These cabinets are developed with security features to keep all strangers from bypassing the lock. If you lose a key in such a situation, then there’s nothing to worry about because replacing a lost file cabinet key isn’t a difficult task.

The best step to follow here would be to note down the model number, brand name, style of the file cabinet, and the serial number mentioned on the cabinet drawers. On having this information, the next step would be to get in touch with a professional locksmith like us at Keychain Locksmith.

Steps which can be taken without any assistance

There are certain simple steps that you can initially follow to resolve the situation on your own. Since most of the file cabinets are gravity-based, it would be prudent to turn it upside down to open it. The other option would be to use a drill, but that should be undertaken carefully to prevent damage to the cabinet. Once you’ve drilled the locking mechanism, the drawer should easily open up.

Role of a professional locksmith

When initial steps don’t work out or when the key replacement cannot be fetched from the manufacturer, it would be best to connect with a skilled locksmith who can easily produce a new key for your use. They understand the locking mechanism and thus are easily able to pick the lock so that you can get into the file cabinet without wasting any time.

Things you should not do

Never be tempted to break or cause any other damage to the file cabinet yourself. If you do that, you will void your cabinet warranty and it will become impossible for you to fix that damage. You won’t be able to get a replaced new cabinet and would ultimately have to shell out extra money to get a new one. It is best to call us, Keychain Locksmith so that we can get into your file cabinet without any damage to it.

How to make sure that this situation never arises

To make sure that this incident never happens again, develop additional copies of your file cabinet keys and place them at a safe location so that if they are lost again you won’t be required to damage the cabinet. Ask a professional locksmith to create extra keys and give them to a trusted person.

Dealing with a lost file cabinet key is not at all an easy situation. It is frustrating and can hamper the operations to be performed throughout the day. Thus, it is prudent to connect with us at Keychain Locksmith where we are ready to help you in case this situation arises during your day.

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