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How to Make a Front Door More Secure – Front Door Security Tips!

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

In most cases, when people move into a new house, they consider completely replacing the existing door with a new one in order to attain a sense of security. While this is true in most of the cases, it is also crucial to know that you can keep your present front door and instead strengthen it with some security accessories. By resorting to these means you could save a lot of money that might have gone in vain if a new door had to be installed.

Getting a new front door installed is ultimately your choice but if you are concerned about the durability of the door, it can easily be addressed with some efficient security accessories. For your convenience, we have detailed some front door security tips so that your front door becomes more secure.

If you are not the first one to live in your current house, then re-keying the front door locks acts as an ideal way to enhance the security. Re-keying kits are available at hardware stores and if you can’t manage to work that out, it would be best to connect with professionals like us at Keychain Locksmith.

You may use the best and strongest locks for security but they won’t be of any use if your front door isn’t sturdy enough to endure attacks. When moving in, make sure that your front door is sturdy enough that no burglar can think of entering your house.

If the locks won't open, most burglars would turn to kick the door in. If you desire that your door is resistant to that kicking, you must look to the hinges. You must add screws that are at least 3 inches in length in order to strengthen the hinge’s hold on the front door. With this sturdy bond, your front door will be far less likely to fly off of hinges when kicked.

One of the common ways’ burglars intrude into your privacy is by knocking on the front door or ringing the doorbell. If you gullibly open the door, they can easily intrude on your property, ultimately placing you in a dangerous situation. An ideal way to make sure that this issue doesn’t occur is by getting wide-angled peepholes. Once you have these installed, you’ll get to know if a person on the other side of the door is a known individual or an unknown carrying harmful tools.

An effective security system not only protects your front doors but also your entire house. With a security camera in place, you can see a burglar coming before they even try to get past the front door. With this system, you’ll be able to identify the house invader and turn the footage into the authorities.

Safety comes first and there is no way you can compromise on that. Here’s where Keychain Locksmith comes into play. We understand your security concerns and offer car key replacement, emergency business lockout, safety locks for residential areas, and an efficient 24 hours customer service. Think no more and visit our website today.

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