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Glendale, MO: A Community

Glendale, Missouri is a small town in St. Louis county, Missouri, the state capital. The population has been about 5,000 at the last census. Glendale was once one of the most prosperous towns in the St. Louis area, but as it developed into a suburb of St. Louis, there was little left for Glendale. Now, Glendale offers a place for people to live in a peaceful atmosphere, with plenty to do and very little crime in this charming community. It also has a beautiful park that includes a baseball diamond, picnic area, and playgrounds. There are a few hotels in Glendale, and the downtown area is home to many restaurants and stores. Learn more facts here.

Many visitors to Glendale come to enjoy the rich history of the area. It is important to know that Glendale did not become a town until 1839. When it became a town, Glendale was called New London and was established to serve as an area for settlement. It was named after the town of New London, Connecticut. In the past, there were several plantations located in Glendale, and they were very popular among many residents of the area. This was the first year Glendale became a town, and it soon became a very popular location. There were many immigrants who came to the area because of the excellent schools and the many beautiful attractions that made Glendale so popular. Read about Hazelwood, MO - A Major Rust Belt Community here.

There are many different attractions in Glendale, MO. There are many attractions in the downtown area as well, and the main attraction in the Glendale, Mo., area is the city park. It is a beautiful park that features a wide variety of flowers and trees. The park has a small boat ramp, picnic areas, and a boat dock. There is also a beautiful fountain that is surrounded by the park. Other attractions in the Glendale, Mo., area include the historic Old North Church, and the St. John's Church. Both of these buildings date back over a hundred years, and they are still beautiful buildings to visit.

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