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Gathering With Friends in St. Louis, MO

Discover New Venues in St. Louis, MO

There are tons of new places popping up in St. Louis all of the time. Even if you have lived in the city your entire life, there is probably somewhere you haven’t been. Explore everything this rich and exciting city has to offer. You never know where your next big adventure will take you. Go above your normal limits and step into the unknown. Learn more here.

Lone Elk Park

In this park, visitors can drive through in their own vehicles. During the drive, they will see tons of different types of local wildlife. Deer, bison, and turkeys roam freely in the area. Even elk are present in this park. Visitors are asked to not feed any of the animals. The drive allows the animals to be viewed in their natural environments without cages or enclosures. See here for information about Stepping into the Unknown of St. Louis, MO.

Missouri Botanical Garden

The Missouri Botanical Garden takes up over seventy nine acres. There are plenty of gorgeous places to explore within the area. The Japanese Garden provides lush blossoms that are fragrant and eye catching. There is also a Children’s Garden in the area. Tram tours can be booked to view more of the available space.

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