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Ellisville, Missouri - Home of the Underground Railroad

Ellisville, Missouri is a small town in St. Charles County, Missouri, in the greater St. Clair County. It's a southwestern outer-ring suburb of Saint Louis. The population at the 2010 census was 8,133. Ellisville has been a popular tourist destination since the early 1800s. It was the center of the Underground Railroad and was home to several prominent slaves including escaped slaves William Bell, Thaddeus Bell, and Mary Bell. See further information here.

The Underground Railroad helped escaped slaves to make it to freedom in the South. But they also helped black families in Ellisville make it out of town. Many of these families moved to St. Charles County in the North. They found work, went to school, and eventually opened their own businesses. Some were teachers, some doctors, some became farmers and some were store owners. They also helped with the development of schools in nearby areas. Many of them became influential citizens of the community. Learn more about Finding Homes For Sale In Florissant, Missouri.

Today, this community remains strong. It's a safe place to live. There's plenty to do and see. There are many recreational opportunities for residents to enjoy. It's easy to get around town. It's a great place for retirees, families, or anyone else.

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