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Easy Ways to Unlock Your Car Without a Key During an Emergency

Locking yourself out of your car isn’t something predictable. In some cases, while you are faced with such occurrences, you will most likely opt for the spare key or get a tow truck or other forms of roadside assistance.

However, you need to know that the circumstances aren’t always the same. If you find yourself locked out of your car amid an emergency, there should be a way to get in your vehicle without the keys. Here are a few of the quick ways to access your car without a key in the midst of an emergency:

Unlock a Manual Lock With a Locksmith Wedge

Locksmiths use numerous types of wedges. Some of these include vinyl, plastic, and metal. With these wedges, you will be able to pull the door while you also create sufficient space to insert a long, thin metal rod. This will help pull back the pin of the locked door.

Otherwise, you can also make use of the hook of a cloth hanger to grab the locking pin and pull backward. However, you need to take extra care in order not to cause any problem on the weather stripping of the door while inserting these tools.

Unlock the Automatic Lock

Usually, there is an effective method of unlocking a car without the keys. And that’s opening the car’s automatic locks with a wedge tool. It’s simple. You can simply create sufficient space between the door and the body of the car. If the auto-lock is attached to the armrests of the driver’s seat, it can be activated simply by pressing with a thin metal rod. If on the other hand, the button is located on the central console, you can make use of a hook or a clothes hanger and attach it to the end of the tool.

There you have it! Perhaps a few of the effective methods of unlocking your car without a key during an emergency. However, you need not forget that you are using a tool to unlock your car without the key. So, you may be required to try for a couple of time. Take extra care so as not to cause any damage along the way.

And if you feel you need the assistance of a locksmith, keychain Locksmith is available of you. We offer 24 hours locksmith services to our clients and customers in St. Louis and its surrounding environs.

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