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Crestwood, Missouri Is a Popular Community of St. Louis County

Crestwood, Missouri is a community of St. Louis County situated in the southern part of the City of St. Louis. It is located about ten miles from the center of the city. It has a very diverse ethnic background and is considered to be a very popular community. It is a well-developed community with a wide variety of businesses, institutions, and attractions that make it a prime location for an investment property. Learn information about St Louis, MO here.

The population of Crestwood is primarily made up of African Americans and immigrants. It is the largest of its kind in the St. Louis County area. There are many businesses located in Crestwood, including a movie theater, grocery store, and restaurants. There are also a number of businesses in Crestwood, that are based on the internet, including a large number of stores, clothing stores, and an Internet cafe. Many businesses in Crestwood are operated out of a home-based business. These businesses include a few large retail stores, restaurants, Internet cafes, and some smaller business owners. Click here to read about Creve Coeur, MO - What Is Known As "The Paris Of The Mississippi"?

The largest businesses in Crestwood our retail stores. There are two large malls that are located in Crestwood, Missouri. The second-largest mall is located about an hour away. Most people that live in Crestwood do not have a car and would need to take a taxi to get around town. Most people that live in Crestwood are active outdoors and do not usually go to work unless they have a very important appointment. This means that most of the population in Crestwood is not employed. There are a few residents that are self-employed, but even these people may not live in their own homes, since there is a high percentage of rentals in the community.

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