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Ballwin, Missouri Schools

Ballwin, Missouri is a suburban community of St. Louis, situated in the city of St. Clair County, Missouri. The population in Ballwin was 30,402 as of 2020. Ballwin is home to numerous businesses, and homes as well as the headquarters for several health insurance companies. Ballwin offers a wide variety of public schools and many private schools that parents can choose from. As Ballwin is situated in a relatively safe neighborhood, there are not as many crime concerns as there may be in other areas of St. Clair County. There are, however, some schools within the neighborhood that may be more prone to crime than others. Click here for facts about St Louis, MO.

One of the schools in the area that is more commonly found in other neighborhoods is Ballwin Middle School. This is located right down the street from Ballwin High School. Ballwin Elementary is also located close by. The two elementary schools in this area have been rated very high by the state for their educational level and the facilities that they offer. Information about Things To See And Do While In Berkeley, Missouri can be found here.

Ballwin has also been rated very high for schools by the Better Business Bureau. Some of the area's schools that received a good rating were the Ballwin Elementary School and Ballwin Middle School. There are some schools in the area that have received a poor rating, such as the Ballwin Elementary School and the Ballwin Middle School. The main schools in the area that received a poor rating were Ballwin Elementary School and St. Mark's Elementary School.

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