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5 locks to regularly re-key at your apartment complex

Safety must be your topmost priority if you are the manager or owner of an apartment complex. You should make sure that there are adequate safety features for the building. Your first step is tracking down the best locksmith in your area and make sure you have him on speed dial.

Over time, you must change your locks regularly for safety purposes and to counter the problem of constant wear and tear of the locks. It becomes dangerous to have a loose system when there are so many people coming in and out of the building. It is recommended to check the locks regularly and getting them replaced.

The main entrance to the building will have the master lock. However, there are so many people living in the building that there is an equal number of keys for that lock as well. When people move out and leave the building, the keys go with them as well. To ensure the overall safety of your building in this situation, it is advised to change the locks of the main entrance as frequently as possible.

It is common sense that an apartment lock should be changed over time and immediately after someone moves out. You may not know if the person made a duplicate of the key and by that, you are risking the safety of the occupants. Even if you are living with the same person for a lot of years, it is still advisable to change your locks and get a fresh set of keys.

If you have young kids hanging around by the pool regularly, it is advisable to change your locks regularly. In any apartment building, there will be a constant flow of people. This causes the wear and tear of the locks which prevents it from closing or locking properly. Keep checking it frequently from inside to check the strength and replace them whenever required.

The staff of the building will usually have multiple keys to the storage units. Some of them leave and the numbers of keys that have gone with them are too many to count. Sometimes they might have lost them out of carelessness as well. It is time to update your locks as and when they leave the building to make sure people outside the building do not have access.

Like storage units, many people will have keys to the main office and will be able to access it as and when they wish. With all your important documents and electronics in the main office, you should change your locks regularly. Keep all your papers and belongings safe by changing them every year at least.

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