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5 FREE Ways to Make Your Home Safer

5 FREE Ways to Make Your Home Safer

When it comes to the safety of your house, you can never be too safe. But it is prudent to understand that you don’t require to invest in an expensive house alarm system or install highly barbed wires around your house to maintain security. Sometimes a couple of simple steps are all you require to secure your house. Here are some no or low coast proofing measures that you can effectively implement right away.

Light Up your residential area

Always understand that burglars and thieves never prefer to be in the spotlight. You can keep the bad guys away from your house with sufficient outdoor lighting. It would be prudent to place lights around the front and back yard, along pathways, and also near the garage and other outdoor areas. To cut down on the costs, you can place outdoor lights with a timer or even go for solar-powered lights.

Effectively lock your windows and doors

Windows and doors are always the most common entry points for thieves. It would be best to routinely check the latches and locks on the doors and windows to make sure that they are operating accurately and not malfunctioning. Another idea for low-cost security would be to go for prickly bushes under the windows to make sure that burglars don’t come snooping around from there, but make sure that you keep them trimmed.

Be smart about your spare keys

Placing your spare key in a predictable position like under the house mat or under the flower pot near the door always makes things much too easy for witty thieves. Instead, it would be prudent to give your spare key to a relative, neighbors, or better yet go for an inexpensive combination lockbox and install it in a shady area. It never costs anything to be a little more cautious.

Keep the valuables out of sight

It is always best to never be flashy with your expensive belongings and keep them safe by keeping them locked up when you’re not using them. Use blinds or curtains to prevent passers-by from casing your house. Make sure to never leave jewelry, electronics, cash or other vital documents in plain sight. Always remember to place your valuable items and documents in a household vault.

Never leave your tools or garden equipment lying around the house

Make sure that you don’t leave things lying around your house which could potentially be used against your safety. In most situations, burglars have entered houses with the help of tools and other equipment that they’ve found outside. Making sure to lock-up and keeping the tools out-of-sight could definitely save you a lot of time in the future.

Use these tips to get started on the safety and security of your house without losing any money. Identify the approaches that are most useful to you, and construct a plan to add the rest later. For more security information connect with Keychain Locksmith, where we are more than happy to hear your concerns and help you out.

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