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4 DIY Tips To Make Locks Safe From Rusting

Every tool requires frequent maintenance. This will ensure general monitoring and upkeep to checkmate any forms of damage. Although, locks are made to last for several lengths of years, there are several things you need to do if you want to elongate the life span of your locks.

Are you tired of rusted locks? Are you in search of ways to simplify the routine for your home upkeep? Follow these simple DIY tips to keep your locks from rusting.

1. Lubricate Your Locks Regularly

In order to elongate the life span of your locks, you need to lubricate the mechanism regularly. Some of the areas that require frequent application of oil include the locks, plates, screws, crash bars, and handles. This will keep them in perfect and most suitable working condition. In order to maintain optimum performance, you can consider lubricating them once every three months.

2. Ensure the Door Sits Securely on the Door Frame

If your door isn’t sitting firmly or as expected on the door frame, it could affect the normal functioning of your locks. Improper setting of the door on the frame will definitely expose the inner bolts to potential doorjamb and burglars. This could also obstruct the ability to open and close the door effortlessly.

3. Door and Locks Must Be in Clean Condition

You do not need to scrub your locks at all times, but you need to ensure that they are kept dry and far away from moistures, especially during humid seasons. You should also endeavor to check them for damages that might be caused as a result of condensation. Make use of an effective cleaner, especially the ones that are free from abrasives or chemicals that might cause damages on your locks.

4. Keep the Strike of Your Door Frame Clean

Usually, the bolt is always found inside the opening (the strike). Ensure that the opening isn’t cluttered with mud or debris. Cluttering of debris or mud on your door opening will not make it fit appropriately. This will end up hampering the functionality of your door locks.

Get Your Lock to Function Properly With Keychain Locksmith

The safety and security of your house and the entire household is imperative. Therefore, it is highly essential that you utilize every possible chance with your home security system.

If you discover that your locks are rusted, outdated or damaged, get in touch with us at Keychain Locksmith today!

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