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Tips To Never Lose Your Car Keys

Can’t find your car keys? Have you searched through your pockets, bags, and dresser but to no avail? Can’t get in your car even though you have someplace to be?

Well, you are not alone.

All of us have faced car key troubles at one time or another and have to turn to a professional auto locksmith for help.

Here’s a set of tips to ensure you don’t ever lose your car keys again.

1) Fix A Spot

The biggest mistake you can ever make is to keep your car keys or the keyless fob just anywhere.

Working in the kitchen and left it on the countertop? Fixing your car in the garage and placed them by the tool shed?

Bad idea.

If you want to spare yourself the trouble of having to look around the entire home for your car keys, try to give them their own space.

You can hang them on a wall-mounted key holder or keep the keys in your side table drawer. Be a little consistent with key placement and you won’t have to spend time looking for the keys and panicking.

2) Get Rid Of The Clutter

You can do every possible thing to get ahold of your keys, like having a spare set, fixing a spot for the keys, and getting yourself a keyring too.

However, if your space is a mess, you will never be able to find them.

So, it’s time to head towards a clutter-free life and be a bit more organized. Tidy that drawer, clean that table, and maybe then, a key placed right at the bottom of the mess will never seem so lost.

3) Keep The Keys With Your Phone

You can undoubtedly recall losing your car keys a zillion times. But does the same thought come to your mind when you consider your mobile phone?

Probably not. In fact, most of us even take our phones as our companion to the washroom.

So, the best solution: Attach your car keys to your phone!

You can wave the thoughts of car key replacement goodbye!

4) Keep Your Pockets In Mind

If you wear jeggings or are used to placing your keys in your back pocket, or hoodie’s pockets, there is a chance that the keys may slip out unnoticed.

What’s the cure, then?

Either place the keys in a pocket upfront. Or, if you have a jacket with an inner zipped pocket, it can work like a charm!

It keeps your keys safe and reduces your time searching for a Denver locksmith.

5) Bluetooth Trackers For Keys – Yes, They Exist!

If you want to brush off thoughts like “is there a locksmith near me?” or “will a car locksmith near me be able to offer some help?”, then get your hands on a Bluetooth tracker.

Technology has made finding keys much more straightforward because the Bluetooth key finder comes with a range of 45 meters and emits a noise when you press the tile button. So, follow the noise to find your keys!

Reach Out To Keychain Locksmith. Stay CONNECTED In Case Of An Emergency.

Of course, sometimes even after following all these tips and tricks, you might just lose your keys anyways.

Whether you have locked keys in car, or simply need a new set, reach out to Keychain Locksmith at (720) 310-6036, and bid farewell to your key troubles!

The best automotive locksmith St Louis, Keychain Locksmith has got you back.

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