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Replacing Car Keys has Changed

The Modernization of the Car Key

In the past, you could go to the local hardware store to have a new key cut for your car. It really was that easy. It was also very cost efficient. Most key replacements were just a few dollars back then. Fast forward to the modern world, and things have changed so much. Car keys are not as simple as they used to be. In order to prevent car theft, microchips were inserted into the keys of cars. The microchips were each programmed to work only on a specific car. Learn information about St Louis, MO.

Increased Costs

The introduction of microchips greatly increased the costs of replacing car keys. Key fobs were also an addition that wasn’t available in the past. Key fobs can be expensive to replace, as they are electronic devices equipped with multiple features. A key fob can open your car, start your engine, and even open your trunk. New drivers probably wouldn’t remember having to use two keys for a car. One key opened the trunk of the car, while the other key started the engine of the car. It is amazing how times have changed in just a few decades. Click here to read about Types of Secondary Security Options.

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