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How Auto Transponder Chip Key or Alarm System Keyless Entry Works

Modern Technology is blooming in the entire world and has been making each life easier. Various elements of the car are also a part of the modern technology and it is vital to understand these features including the Anti-theft system, alarm system, music system, Airbags as a safety features and also about using the transponder key to start a car. If you are wondering what a transponder key then don’t worry, we’ll explain it in simple words for you. 

What is a Transponder Key?

A transponder key is a key which is appears to be a normal key but has small programmed chip embedded inside it which is designed to offer some extra security to your car. This key helps to authenticate the original key and also the duplicate key. 

The word transponder is a combination of transmitter and responder. When you insert the key into the ignition switch, The Engine Control Unit (ECU) sends a coded signal to the key. If the key is original, then it receives the signal and responds to the ECU. Once the messages are authenticated by the car then it automatically starts for the user. To start the car engine, you need a transponder key since it has a programmed chip that is designed by the programmer for the car functions.

If for instance, you place the wrong or the duplicate key in the ignition switch, then the car won’t start due to failure in the authentication since the signal between ECU and Programmed chip is mismatched.

How does the Transponder Key Work?

Transponder keys do not require a battery to activate. This small programmed chip gets activated by the radio signals which are sent by the car. When you place your key near to the dashboard or plug it into the ignition switch, very low-frequency radio signals are sent to the chip and it gets activated.

When you plug in the key to the ignition switch and turn it, then it generates an electromagnetic field as the induction coil is mounted around the ignition lock. The key absorbs the energy through windings and using this energy it powers the small programmed chip or the transponder chip. Once the chip gets activated it transmits the signal to the ECU. This signal is sent in an alphanumeric code.

So, by this means, it allows the electronic components of the car and the engine to operate smoothly. The Keyless Alarm system should also be checked because eventually it becomes a reason for the non-functionality of the car when gone unchecked.

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