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Everything you need to know about Master Locks

Well-organized locks are one of the best lines of defense for any house or commercial business. The top reasons for break-in attempt usually comprise of bad security systems, exposed windows or doors, or trifling security. With more mindfulness on security systems, nowadays persons are searching for alternative means to tactic their security methods.

Some prevalent security systems which have been introduced in the market are master lock systems, also known as a master key system. While one cannot unavoidably stop all potential criminals, they can easily take steps to decline the risk with a safe lock-and-key system. A Master Lock System can shorten the process of security for your house and commercial business in the long run.

What exactly is a Master Lock System?

A Master Lock System is an exclusive locking system that offers a precise level of access for each set of keys. The key with the uppermost level of access can open all the doors in a specific facility while the other keys may have admission only to specific doors depending on the authorization level.

How does it function?

The idea of a master lock system is to have manifold keys that have certain allocated levels of access contingent on the key holder’s part in the business. For instance, the CEO can have the key with access to all the doors, but on the other hand, the office manager will most likely have the key with the access to all the doors other than that of the CEO.

What type of locking system is required?

Most master lock systems are a basic pin tumbler lock. This lock functions by making the key groove to correspond to the precise locations of the driver pins in the lock. As the key goes into the tumbler lock it has to fit exactly in order for the key to rotate correctly.

Types of keys in a Master Lock System

There are plentiful keys involved in a Master Lock System, each having a dissimilar function, including:

1. Master Key

This key is considered as the highest-ranking key in a Master Key System, which properly opens all the locks in the system for the user.

2. Sub-Master Key

Also known as the change key, this opens only precise locks that are designated at a specific level of access. Such locks can also be unlocked by the Master Key.

Advantages of a Master Lock System

Improved security

Individuals will have keys that permit them access only to the parts to which they are approved to. In the Master Locking System, the keys do not provide entry to any other location to which they do have permitted access in the area.


With a Master Locking System, the user only needs to keep a track of a single key which will unlock every door the user needs admission to. Whether you are the homeowner, gardener, or a senior staff, you will need just one key to enter.


In such a locking system, if a key is lost, the whole system does not require to be rekeyed. In its place, the single locking system can be altered. This can efficiently lower the charges without interfering with critical access requirements.

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