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Earth City, MO-An Urbanized Vacation Spot

Earth City, Missouri is one of the most popular tourist destinations in St. Louis, Missouri. It is a community located along I-70, in Bridgeton, Missouri, approximately twenty miles east of the St. Louis International Airport. It's surrounded by Bridgeton on one side, Maryland Heights on the north and the Kansas City suburbs on the south. Earth City was originally known as East City, until it was renamed as such in 1980. The boundaries were redrawn, but the area remained the same. This location is home to one of the largest industrial complexes in the entire country. Visit this link for St Louis, MO facts.

The unique features that make Earth City so unique are its location. It sits at the eastern tip of the Kansas City metropolitan area, allowing for the most up to date amenities and entertainment to be found in the area. This is the primary reason why so many families and travelers choose this area. In addition to offering all of these, there are also a number of other services that are offered. There is a wide range of restaurants and businesses within walking distance of Earth City. There are numerous entertainment options available to those who stay within walking distance. This includes a variety of shopping malls, entertainment venues, shopping areas, parks, and more. Discover facts about Ellisville, Missouri - Home of the Underground Railroad.

Being a great place for families, Earth City has something for everyone. You can find all the things you could ever want in this unique community. There are also plenty of activities to keep a family busy and entertained. From shopping to dining and from entertainment to hiking, there are plenty of things to do for everyone in your family. When you are ready to find a place to stay in Earth City, Missouri, you are sure to have a great time.

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